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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just do the same thing with a rope and a ball? Why do I need Sciatic Stretcher?
The short answer is Yes. You can use a rope and a ball to help alleviate sciatic pain, but you do not get the same stretch or convenience as the Sciatic Stretcher provides. The band allows users to “sink in” to the stretches utilizing the rubber material. Having the ball placed on the band allows the user to easily place the ball where needed on the lower back or buttocks without fumbling around. The Sciatic Stretcher is a 2-in-1 device that allows the comfortability and convenience to stretch out your muscles that can cause sciatic pain. The looped band of the Sciactic Stretcher create convenient handling usage to effortlessly get into proper stretching positions using both the band and the ball.
It is difficult for me to know if I am on the piriformis muscle with the ball, how do I know if I am in the right spot?
Sciatic Stretcher’s ball can target and stretch the muscle that you apply appropriate pressure. However, finding the piriformis muscle is crucial in order to try and alleviate sciatic pain.It takes some practice to find your “hot spot”, breathing appropriately and relaxing the targeted muscles are also a huge factor. Use the instruction guide to better locate the piriformis. If this muscle is “tight” you should feel an intense pressure when applying the ball to the piriformis area. Hold this area for 20-30 seconds or until tenderness dissipates. Once you feel the tenderness subside, move ball to other surrounding areas to find other “hot spots”.
I feel my tightness in one side more than the other, is this normal?
Yes, in some cases your sciatic pain can be rooted from one side more than the other. This could be due to the stresses we put on our body, if we sit a certain way or we are more dominant on one side of our body than the other. Focus on the more tight with the stretches side but it is also important to keep flexibility on both sides to prevent future flare ups of sciatic pain.
Learn how to breathe smoothly while in all stretching positions to help your muscles relax and stretch. Hold each stretching position for 20-30s or until you feel a “release” of the muscle you are targeting. The Sciatic Stretcher is best used in conjunction with a healthy active lifestyle to keep muscles flexible. Please Note: Practice using the Sciatic Stretcher and try different stretching positions on a regular basis will help you benefit the most to find what works best for you.