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Sciatic Stretcher Portable Relief



$ 39.99


About The Product

Recommend use up to a 38" waist.


Using the stretch band on floor allows user to sink more into a stretch of hamstrings and lower leg muscles.


Using the rubber ball while holding onto bands allows easy placement on particular muscles your want to locate.


Relaxing your muscles and breathing steadily through the stretching process allows the muscles to become limber and lengthened.


But, this Sciatic Stretcher is more than just sciatic pain relief. Sciatic Stretcher can be used for multiple stretches on majority of your body’s muscles


This band and rubber ball combination is more effective & more comfortable than other stretching devices.


59.5" band length with skin safe rubber


It also allows the user to be in total control of the amount & direction of the stretching force applied.


This will allow you to specifically target your painful areas & customize your use because all sciatic pain is unique to an individual.


- Patent Pending

- Find Relief, Aid, and Comfort

- Sciatic Pain Relief in your hands

- Use on the floor or sturdy wall

- User controlled pain relief

- Lightweight, portable and user friendly

- Hundreds of different stretches

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Sciatic Stretcher Portable Relief



Sciatic Stretcher Ice or Heat Therapy Gel Pack

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